Remember Your Loved Ones Online

There are many ways you can honor someone whose time has passed. Nothing is too good for your loved ones, and you've made sure that they received the finest tomb stone, coffin, cremation, urn, funeral service, and flowers that could be offered. Once upon a time, your service to the dead ended there, but in the 21st century there are ways to go on honoring the memory of those who've moved on from this world.

Through a memorial web site, you can continue to remember your loved one as they were, and spread the love you had for them across the web to both friends and strangers. Memorial web sites can contain a wealth of information: photos of the loved one and their family, text that tells stories about your loved one, pictures of their achievements and most valued belongings, music that they enjoyed in life, and just about anything else that can fit on a memorial web page.

Online memorial sites have an advantage over memorials situated in the 'real world' in that anyone can visit a memorial online at any time. Instead of having to travel to the memorial – whether its that person's grave or a photo album in your house – they can simply use a search engine or a direct link (e-mailed, perhaps, by you) to visit the memorial site and be reminded of the one they lost.

You make think to yourself that this seems a bit crass, but you're thinking of poorly built memorial websites that a person took little care with. These days, there are professionals who can put a memorial website together for you. All you need to do is provide them with the media you want presented on the web site, along with any specifications you feel are appropriate. If you feel uncertain about the design of the site, you can use existing templates to get started with.

You won't regret an online memorial once its up and running. The ability to visit from anywhere, anytime using your smart phone is a far better way to keep your dearly departed close to your heart. It can be hard, after all, to make time to visit the graveyard on a regular basis, but clicking a link and browsing a web page is something that comes naturally to all of us these days. Make remembering your loved ones as simple as clicking a link.